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At Stern Veterinary Forensics Consulting, LLC, we're dedicated to providing superior expert consultation in veterinary forensic pathology.  You can rest easy knowing that we're here to help.

Stern Veterinary Forensics Consulting, LLC was founded by Adam W. Stern, DVM.  He is a veterinary pathologist certified by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists in Anatomic Pathology.  Dr. Stern has the experience and expertise in veterinary forensic pathology and is available for case consultation.  Consultation services are available for attorneys (prosecution/plaintiff or the defense), veterinarians, law enforcement, insurance companies, and humane societies.  Stern Veterinary Forensics Consulting, LLC is based in northern Florida.  

Similar to crimes against humans, animal related crimes should be processed in a similar fashion. Crime scene processing, evidence collection, evaluation of the animal victim, and documentation of injuries can be performed in a cases of suspected crime against an animal. Forensic examination of living and deceased animals should be performed to allow for presentation of the medical evidence to the court. Postmortem examination of an animal is done through the forensic necropsy/autopsy. The forensic autopsy is used to document any injuries or disease the animal might have but is also a time for collection of other evidence such as trace evidence and recovery of projectiles.

Past clients include the Wisconsin State Public Defender, Maryland Office of the Public Defender, The Legal Aid Society (NYC), insurance companies, private veterinarians, and attorneys (plaintiffs and defense).