New Veterinary Forensics Textbook

Veterinary Forensics: Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Expert Testimony

This textbook provides valuable information regarding veterinary forensics including the collection of forensic evidence, examination techniques of both small and large animals and information regarding report writing and expert testimony.  It is a beneficial tool for anyone in the veterinary forensic field, legal or law enforcement field. 

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Book Chapters


  1. An Introduction to Animal Abuse and Associated Human Behaviors
  2. Crime Scene Investigation. 
  3. Videography: A New Tool in Animal Cruelty Investigations. 
  4. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. 
  5. Forensic Physical Examination of the Cat and Dog. 
  6. Forensic Physical Examination of Large Animals. 
  7. The Forensic Necropsy.
  8. Postmortem Changes and the Estimation of Time Since Death. 
  9. Veterinary Forensic Radiology and Imaging. 
  10. Bitemarks: Examination and Analysis. 
  11. DNA Evidence Collection and Analysis. 
  12. Animal Behavior for the Forensics Specialist. 
  13. Veterinary Forensic Toxicology. 
  14. Animal Sexual Abuse. 
  15. Agroterrorism. 
  16. The Judicial System. 
  17. Expert Testimony and Report Writing.